Final decision making's

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The sons of the prophet said to Elisha look now, the place where we live before you is too small for us. let us go to the Jordan, and each man get there a house, beam; and let us make us a place there where we may dwell, and he answered Go" (2kings 6:1-2).

Here prophet Elisha could be linked to God while the sons of the prophet identified their need, the method of approach and only took their plan to Elisha (their master) for final editing and approval. Nobody plan for you but you only need assistance when it comes to editing (making final decision).

 Strategies are divine energies to wrestle against obstacles. They have to be Strategized out by you. Your future is a product of qualitative plans motivated by your brain.

If you allow your brain to lie fallow, you will die like a fowl. There is an intricate illustration in the scriptures to elucidate the subject of planning.

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