I have a complaint to make

By jingleboi • May 26, 2021, 04 PM • 419 views • 22 comments

Good day my fellow wetin you know users and the admin. I have a complain to make. I requested for my withdrawal on the 28th of last month and I am yet to receive the money

 I have messaged the person in charge of this forum facebook account but I'm not getting any reply and the thing is that if I dont get paid on the 28 of this month which is in 3 days time it will really pain me because I need the money to celebrate my brother's birthday. 

Ah ah this is entering one month I haven't been paid and I dont want to assume that I have been scammed because I have been paid before but at least you guys to review my account and check whether have done any illegal activity on the site which I'm sure I'm innocent of that.

I will appreciate it if you guys look into my matter as soon as possible because my brothers birthday is on the 31 of this month and the withdrawal portal is going to be open on the 28th of this month. I need the money please ????????

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