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Good day the admins of this great platform, good day my fellow wetinyouknow plus members.

I want to use this forum to give an understandable quote that might be familiar but I promise you it wouldn't be a waste of time to have known again, Also to those seeing this first.


1) Success is not Final; Failure is not Fatal; It is the Courage to continue Counts.

2)If you want to Fly, Give up everything that would weigh you down.

3) The happiest person doesn't have the best of everything thing, rather they just make the best of everything.

4) Your Mind is a powerful thing (tool); when only fill with positive thoughts, then your life will start to change...

4) (For those complaining about the change in this earth especially Nigeria.) "Be the Change for yourself and others this period of fasting and prayers.

5) (This one will shock most of us). This life is like a bicycle, To keep your balance, You must keep moving.

6) The only thing we never get enough is Love and the only thing we never give enough of is Love.


             Share some if you have any, let's inspire ourselves or highlight the one that caught you (meant for you). 

                     *Stay connected for more.*


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