Map out Strategies

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Making is a by-product of planning. Therefore start planning otherwise you will start panting.

The first test conducted by God on the complete man, he made was to access his intelligence.

Negligence of your brain makes your future a mirage, Isaiah emphatically delivered God's message to the kingdom of Judah as seen in the scriptures below.

"Come now, and let us reason together, says the Lord of the host" (Is.1:18).

It is obvious that there is a place for man's reasoning (intelligence) in God's project. Your head is a peak of reasons that could uphold your mandate over your situational mess.

You need to start exploring yourself far gigantic exploits. The planning belongs to you.

"The plans of the mind and orderly thinking belong to man" A man's mind plans his way....  (Prov.16:1,9).

Hitting your obstacle at the closest range is to switch on your brain. The desires are unlocked at the command of plans. You cannot fold your hands and expect magic.

Sitting down idle would make you sink into frustration. Your destiny could be fast-forwarded by putting your brain to work.

There was a time that the fifty sons of the prophet, under the leadership of Elisha, needed a Territorial expansion. After the conception of an idea to break forth, they approached the man of God for the final editing of their proposal (manifesto).

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