The conference hall : Insecurity in Nigeria

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Good day everyone 

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As I said earlier, that I will start a discussion room here called "the conference hall" where we will get to discuss about something's that needs discussion... And that's is exactly what we are about to do, but first let me clarify you about the concepts of this conference hall.

                         The conference hall.

This program or show is for education so we can understand some things, and it is a discussion room where we come up to discuss about a particular topic, and the program Consist of

1)speaker 1 Mr. Frank 

2) speaker 2 Mr. Kelvin 

3) speaker 3 Mrs. Amanda 

And then me as the reviewer and as well the questioner.

And today we are going to be discussing about "Insecurity in Nigeria" 

So be ready for it.

                              Insecurity in Nigeria.

Speaker 3: that we will be a perfect topic for a start... 

Yeah I guess so, you know it has really become a stray and as well the cumbersome problem which Nigeria as a whole is facing, people here and there from different states in Nigeria are complaining about this same problem of insecurity, so what do you have to say about this Mr Kelvin..

Mr Kelvin: well it has really turn out to become a bad omen towards Nigerians,

You know, people killing people here and there, you will just wake up in the morning, to take a little glimpse on the headlines, then there you go with news like " twenty six killed and 30 injured as suicide bomber strikes Kano or Lagos"

You know, those kind of drastic news, and the worst part of it is that we are not seeing any result to all the efforts the government say they are putting...... 

Mrs Amanda : (interrupts)coming to that aspect I think the government are doing their best, but the problem there is that they don't ensure or crosscheck to see that whatever efforts or insinuation they make are carried out....

Mr frank : (interrupts) yes that's right, that's what I have reasoned within myself too, the people who are meant to carry out the whole theory might just truncate the whole thing, and at the end of the day, people will put on the mindset that the government is not doing there work.

Mr Kelvin : but on the contrary, sometimes the government don't even create any budget for the inmates to carry out, and making things more difficult...

So with all these gists and comment about the insecurity in Nigeria how can the insecurity problem be resolved, and answer as if you are in the shoes of the government 

Mrs Amanda : coming to that I think one of the ways this problems can be resolved is by helping the military arms, both the navy, the army, the police,and other aggrandized  forces, in the aspects of insurance..

How do you mean in the aspect of insurance ?

Mrs Amanda : wait am coming down to it, helping them in aspect insurance in such a way that they will be 100% assured of (1) providing detailed information about a particular quest or mission they are tending to accomplish, so they can be well and fully ready (2) insuring them safety of their loved ones and as well theirs (3) equipping them with the necessary, weapons needed for their survival, and as well for their defensive mechanism.

Mr Kelvin :yes I agree to that, I have noticed that the major reason why insecurity have now become more rampant in the country is because, the people who are to secure the nation are not provided with necessary weapons and resources to do their work more effectively,like some do say that if a policeman sees a thief and fires a bullet at the thief and eventually misses the shot,  he will pay for that wasted bullet, now in this kind of condition if a policeman sees a thief he wouldn't want to shoot at the thief so he will not be told to pay if he misses,  and so with this policy the police, will show less concern whenever they see, any crime scene where guns are involved, so the government should at least ease off this policy from them so they can be able to do their job effectively,

Mrs Amanda : you are right, and another thing the government should increase the salaries of all the military bodies, you know, sometimes I still wonder why politicians are paid higher salaries than the soldiers, when the soldiers are the ones who everything is landing on,  they are the ones to keep the country safe, they are the ones that fight war for the country and they are also the ones that stops and fights against terrorism within the country, but then they earn little salaries than some civil servants, so government should do their best to increase their salaries, so that people who wants to join the military will be encouraged more to join and when there is good number of military the government can easily send them to any place to bring peace in that area, because whenever they are in majority it will boost their morale to do their work much better.

OK we all have done well in giving a good contribution, now how can we as an individual, help in solving the problem of insecurity.

Mr Frank: we can help in many ways, in many many ways, because insecurity is sometimes caused by individuals, like in a situation where you will see a thief and instead of helping the police or any securing agent around, instead you will be helping the thief maybe by hiding the thief or even showing the thief a means of escape maybe because he or she have given or has promised to give you something,

Mr Kelvin : yes that's true, we as individuals have a big role to play in eradicating insecurity and I think the first way is by (1) people who are parents should give their children good home training, so that they won't grow up to turn bad, because when there is no terrorist with or without the police there is security, but when the parents don't train them up well with the proper home training, the child will grow up becoming a trauma to the village or community where he or she is coming from,  (2) every individual should be security by himself or herself, whereby they secure their villages or community by having a limited time for people to step in and out of the community, and by doing this the securities don't need too much to do their work, and there will be security in that land.

Mrs Amanda: that's it, we as individuals should always be security conscious, and reporting every suspected case of terrorism or theft around our neighborhood, and as well try and make friends with everyone around your neighborhood; this is why I love people who are living in face me I face you houses, they live like a family, anything that happens, can not pass their ears, and because of this it is very hard for a thief to rob them and go free because everyone will be alert to help their neighbor.

Thank you, Mrs. Amanda, Mr Kelvin and Frank.

In conclusion insecurity in Nigeria is to be eradicated quite alright but then we as individuals have a big role to play, in securing our country Nigeria, we should all join hands and make the nation a good one, same goes for the government they are the ones to help us too in making sure the country is secured and terrorism free.

OK thank you for been part of this wonderful show, be sure to add your contribution on the comment section.

We will be back again with another topic to emphasize thanks.

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