Why You Should Stop Reading Books

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Stop Reading Books 

What have you been told all the days of your life? To read books right? Weren't you told that one of the secrets to becoming successful in life is to read books?

Most people who read too much fall into the lazy habit of thinking only. And what can ordinary thoughts with no action earn you?

Many keep perusing books upon books, some even take pride in reading numerous books.

How many people that eat books like food have you seen become extremely successful? 

Some will even come out boldly to fool the public that the secret of success in life is by the books they read. Oh!!! What deceit!

If you want to be successful for real, STOP READING BOOKS.

Your whole life has been living in this myth. Abusers, pleasers and you wonder why you haven't gotten anything, no money after all. 

 Who are all the smart, high-performance people that you've had the privilege of being around them? what do they do? If you can understand what they do, then do it. 

Just copy or mimic them. These days, it is called a model.

There are lots of successful people who don't read books, they don't even have much time to sit and read. Do you know what they do?

But you have been told to read two books a day and you won't stay poor.  Well, that really makes a lot of sense then, but it doesn't matter what books you read it depends on what stage you're in that you read certain books 

 So then I guess my next question would be because you read a lot of books. So, how do you effectively learn? What is the fastest way to get the best information out in a short period of time?

Don't read books. Use books. There's a big distinction, when you read a book you're not trying to understand everything the author is saying, you're not trying to understand all these backgrounds because the purpose of learning is mastery and implementation. 

 I know there are people talking about the number of books they read, some say they read a book a day, read a book a week, or whatever.

You can constantly listen to podcasts or different programs or different things or talking to consultants. That's another way to learn the most. But when it comes to reading. Don't just read a book but use the book. 

When you're looking for a book to read, there should be a question within you that you're yearning for an answer to, there might be a problem for which you're looking for the solution. So with those questions within you, ask yourself what three ideas can you get from the book that you can master and implement immediately.

 Maybe just three, not ten, not twenty because when it is less, action can easily be taken but when it is too much you might end up implementing nothing.

 If you could get those three ideas from the first three chapters, take them and keep the book on your shelf, and maybe, later on, you can go back there and read the rest of the book if need be, and implement some of the ideas, but if you get those big three ideas, That's all you need to focus on immediately.

Sometimes you could get those ideas in the back of each chapter where they're talking about action steps and summary resources. That's awesome. Sometimes, you could even get the ideas just from the table of contents. So when you get the value of ideas you need, use them by taking immediate actions. Implement them. 

Reading books shouldn't be about the accumulation of knowledge but implementation. I think here's a big distinction; I want you to get one of the most powerful tools and powerful mindsets you need to have in life and business, it is called CLARITY and clarity is POWER, and power is the ability to take action.

 So if the more you read, the more confused you get then, it gives you less clarity, which means it takes away from your power. If more reading gives you more clarity and gives you more ability to act. That's good. That's powerful. But if more reading makes you confused then it steals away your clarity, ability to take profitable action, and take away your power.

 There's a big difference between information and knowledge, and knowledge to wisdom, let me explain this, what gives you a lot of clarity?

Information is just; facts, data, numbers, theories, principles, that's just information. 

There is a lot of information on the internet, there is a lot of information on YouTube, on Google, books, etc. It simply means there are lots of information in several places but the information itself does not help you. 

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