Why You Should Stop Reading Books.......CONVERT

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Stop reading books: Convert 

Information is just; facts, data, numbers, theories, principles, that's just information. 

There is a lot of information on the internet, there is a lot of information on YouTube, on Google, books, etc. It simply means there are lots of information in several places but the information itself does not help you.

 Information on it own does not make you richer, it does not make you happier, it does not make you healthier, it does not make you smarter. Information is just what it is, Information is just information. 

For instance; when you go to school, you read, you attend classes, you access a lot of information on your textbook, Right? That's the first stage.

Once you gather enough information, then you're accumulating knowledge,  when you take that information you've gathered and then apply it, you get knowledge, then your teachers will test your level of information acquisition and knowledge, so you take tests or examinations. 

After the test, there you will realize what worked and what didn't work. You will identify where you missed it and fail and realize where you got it all right then you learn from your errors.  That is simply an act of accumulating knowledge. 

Perhaps you have been reading books to acquire information, watch videos, attend seminars, listen to podcasts,s, etc only to acquire information. and you wonder how come you're watching a lot of videos, learning but your life stay the same? it is because you haven't CONVERT the INFORMATION to KNOWLEDGE, and from KNOWLEDGE into EXPERIENCE.

 How do you convert knowledge into experience? 

You acquire some knowledge you have to implement, and the only way you get to experience is to make mistakes. You make dumb mistakes, you see if this stuff works or not. By that, you're getting experience. You're seeing patterns of things differently.

Going back to the earlier school example, now you take enough exams. Remember all your classes in your secondary school?  you take enough exams, studying the same subject for many years in a row. Now you see a pattern, you realize you're accumulating more things, getting more experiences on what works and what doesn't. 

Now, experience is much more valuable than knowledge. And knowledge is more valuable than information. So, the book itself is just information. The information does not change your life.  You have to convert it by gathering or filtering into knowledge and from knowledge, you implement. 

And then you get to the next step which is experience. Then from experience, you gathered from what you have implemented severally, it evolves into WISDOM, 

Note that there's a big difference between information, knowledge, and wisdom. 

 You're wise because you've done a lot of things, the numerous experiences you have make you wise.

 Wisdom is completely different, wisdom is knowing what not to do, wisdom is knowing when you don't have to do something. 

With your experience, you will know how you're going to make some things work, your experience will tell you, these are the 20 things you could do to make you successful.

 Wisdom is knowing.

So wisdom will tell you, 99 of these is bullshit, just do this one. That is the difference.  The experiences you gather make your function in the realm of wisdom.

Knowledge is about accumulation while wisdom is about elimination. Wisdom helps you filter the right choices from the wrong ones. The right steps from the wrong steps. 

 Sleep on that wisdom, it's about elimination and simplicity. It's not about a daily increase, it's about daily decrease, but you cannot get to wisdom without knowledge, you cannot get to wisdom, without experience. You have to go through all of that. 

Now you can simplify everything that you do and there are only a few things that you need to do to get you the results. You don't need to do 100 things you can do a couple of things, and you do it well and that's wisdom.

 Most people are smart, but they're not wise. You can tell from the way that they share, the way they communicate. There's no a lot of depth where they speak from. But when talking to wise men. You see, wow. That makes a lot of sense.

Whatever he's speaking about it makes a lot of sense because there's depth behind those words. That's wisdom. So don't read books but use books. It's all about taking ideas, taking information, and converting it into knowledge, and as soon as you convert to the knowledge you turn it into an experience. then you want to filter through your years of experience, and then condense that into wisdom that you have.

Well, this works but what works for one might not work for another.

  That is why wisdom differs. My wisdom is different from yours.

 So there are different stages of learning,   You need to go deeper. You need to go beyond just watching videos to now taking the information therein.  You need to go beyond just reading this article, agreeing with it and then you implement it, go out there, it might seem scary or uncertain but apply it, just do it and see what works, what works for you, what doesn't work for you. 

You only get to know what works for you by trying so many things and this is where experience set in.

 You just have to get things done. You can't read about how to swim in a book and expect to swim flawlessly until you are in the swimming pool.  Until you swim, you learn, and now you can swim back and forth in the pool, and before you know it you already get to swim I'm the lake. That is experience. 

Now when you have the wisdom to go swim in the pool and then in the ocean, you already know where to swim and not trespass to where there are sharks. Right?  That's wisdom. 

So comment below, how are you going to change the way that you learn?

How are you going to change the way that you read books?

How are you going to change the way, not just learning and gathering more information?

But accumulating true knowledge through experience and eventually wisdom. Don't forget !!!

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